Where Can I Find a Trucking Company to Meet My Needs?

The Inbound Logistics Magazine Annual Trucking issue is a great place to start.  It is a great educational resource covering all aspects of selecting and working with the best truckers and carrier partners.  If you subscribe to Inbound Logistics you get the Annual Trucking issue as part of your free annual subscription [if you are not a subscriber sign up here to get all the IL issues].

Inbound Logistics produces two helpful online tools to help you locate carriers to fit your needs.  One is called the Trucking RFP, located here, and you can enter your trucking challenge and select carriers you would like information from and they will get back to to immediately.  You can even let the market do the work for you and select all, if you are not familiar with all the carriers and their latest services.

The other online tool is called the Trucking Decision Support Tool located here.  Using our DST you can enter your specific requirements and we'll instantly search our database of hundreds of trucking companies to serve up a list of carriers that might fit your needs.

You can also enter 'top 100 truckers' in the search bar on www.inboundlogistics.com and see the related articles and research to help you identify suitable carriers.



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